“Hi! My name is Cathy O’Neill and I work at Temperance Kutner Elementary. I feel so lucky to have my job, and am privileged to be given the opportunity to help children and families each day. I noticed that clothing was a big need for these children. Some children came to school in Pajamas. Some came in their parent’s shoes, no socks. Some wore shoes that were so small they had blisters. Some had no clothes at home because they were newly Foster Youth and got pulled from home the night before. I decided to help by creating “Cathy’s Closet”. A beautiful closet here at T-K that when children walk up to it, they feel like something beautiful is coming to them. They enter the office in tears and embarrassment, and leave with a smile. Thank You Ignite Youth Group for hand picking clothes for our little ones! You are all so AMAZING to me. Your love is felt in every single piece you pick out for them. You KNOW what children like, and feel good in. I am moved and touched by your attention to detail and cannot thank you enough. We are God’s hands and feet and together we will make a difference, one child at a time. This is a team, and I am so honored to be on this team with you.”